Personalized Gifts changing the Gifting Trends

Personalized Gifts changing the Gifting Trends

Choosing the right gift for someone can be a challenge. This doubles when you are choosing a gift for a special occasion, like a wedding or birthday. There are so many variables in this- Will they like it? Do they prefer this color? Would it be useful? So much, that could go wrong.

The Write House, is an expert on "Right Gifting Techniques". Our team has worked hard to bring the traditional engraving style back to the trends. Infusing this traditional art with classic calligraphy art, she takes basic gifts to a whole new level!

Why Choose Personalized Gifts?

Gift personalization is a unique trend that allows people to give the product a unique look. It helps the receiving person connect with the gift better. Decorated with the initials, name, or any other design, these products make great presents for anyone. From homemakers to friends, personalized presents are the best gifts for all.

While this has become a trend now, it has always been an important gifting tradition in different cultures. Whether they had to add intricate patterns on a metal plate or on paper, the skilled artisans used conventional tools to carve. But with the advent of technology, the process has become easier.

Mansi and her team at The Write House have directed all their efforts towards reviving this art form. Adding an aesthetic twist, they customize all these products using elegant calligraphic letters and symbols. Apart from their unending hard work, here are few other reasons why such products have become popular in the market:

Engraved Gifts-Best for all Occasions

Whether it is a birthday party or anniversary dinner, customized gifts are the perfect fit for all occasions. Moreover, they can be gifted to people from all age groups. Everyone would love to receive something functional like a scented candle or champagne glasses for their big celebration day.

Engraved gifts is one such option! You can have the personal messages, special dates, names or initials engraved on the items like- rings, pendants, wine glasses, champagne bottles etc. This will not just give the gift a personal touch but it will make the occasion memorable for a lifetime!

A simple heart, or those 3 special words, will become all the more magical with this unique gifting idea!

Be Unique in Gifting

Normally, people choose bouquets or chocolates or flowers as gifts for their loved ones. However, this is what normal people do. We, at The Write House aim at bringing uniqueness to every product. Whether you need a customized necklace or personalized hand-written notes, they have got it all covered.

Imagine getting a champagne bottle as a gift! It is a classic gift which will never go out of fashion. Now, imagine getting a champagne bottle with a personalised handwritten note in a beautiful calligraphy font. Which one of these will touch your heart and which one will leave a smile on your face! This is the magic of hand-written messages. They make you feel more special.

Precious & Memorable

As mentioned, people usually go for bouquets and chocolates. The flowers go out of bloom and chocolates can be finished within a few days. This provides personalized gifts an upper hand in every situation. Gifting your loved one an adorable hand-written note will ensure that they keep it safe in their diaries. It will be a memorable gift for them.

The Write house and the team acknowledge that the timeless idea of hand-written notes have become even more fascinating these days when people usually connect with each other digitally. They believe that with access to the internet world has become smaller as it has become virtual. In the era where we all are witnessing a digital shift, getting in touch with our roots is always refreshing. And handwritten notes are like breath of fresh air!

Birthdays to weddings- each occasion will become more special!

A simple coffee mug with a hand-written note will become all the more precious. Each time they pick it up, they remember how special they are for the person who has gifted it to them!

A small wallet with a handwritten note can become someone’s lucky charm. And that perfume you thought to be a cliche gift can become their most cherished gifts because of that pretty note you placed.

The wedding invites will make your guests feel that you took an extra mile to make them feel special. The wedding gifts with a hand-written note indicate that the gift is hand-picked and the presence of your guests is indeed significant for you!

This is why Mansi and her team believe that in the personalized gift industry, the power of handwritten notes and messages can never be underestimated. In fact, it makes your range ahead of the pack!


Each product at The Write House is hand-customized for your dear ones. Adding innovation, creativity, and lots of love to a basic product, Mansi’s team upgrades its look significantly. Regardless of who you give these presents to, they will be loved and cherished under all circumstances. This is because of all the precision and affection that you put into choosing this gift.

Creating a Personal Link

This is another important reason why personalized gifts have become so popular among consumers. Showcasing your special connection with the person, these customized gifts hold a special place in their hearts and display cases. Giving these will always help in strengthening your relationship with the person.

It helps you realize your special bond with the person and celebrate it in the best possible way. We have taken the basic customization to the next stage with her brand- The Write House. Reviving the art of engraving and improving it with calligraphy symbols!

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