Every art and artist has a story, so does mine. Since my childhood, I was fascinated by art & designs. I have spent most of my adolescence exploring new crafts and mediums. My passion for making and doing with scissors & pencil and paint started there and hasn’t stopped since. Along with my background in Business and Management recently, I have stepped into the world I have always dreamed of. My insatiable inquiry into letters and their design led me into Calligraphy and Lettering as the image, working with various pens, brushes, and also digitally.
I Mansi Agarwal The Creative Mind a.k.a CEO (oh, this sounds fancy, still I love it winky… wink) behind The Write House - A boutique hand-lettering and calligraphy brand which aims at going that extra mile to personalize your presents and give them warm comfort of a handwritten feeling. At The Write House, we have a community of hand-picked artisans, craftsman, designers, and digital talent. We operate very closely with our clients to know their need and requirement better, which leads to a thorough base of dedicated, returning clients.