Wine Glass and Bottle

Get your hands on the perfect gift with our personalised Wine bottle, and pair it with an elegant set of custom wine glasses of your choosing.

Pair the hamper with a heartfelt handwritten note in the classes copperplate script with a wax sealed envelope. Perfect gift for newlyweds and couples celebrating milestone anniversary.

Enjoy some champagne in these beautiful and elegant flute champagne glasses and madison wine glasses. Exquisitely fashioned, the glasses are soft and bulbous allowing the liquid to breathe, before tapering to a crisp rim for a highly refined and enjoyable drinking experience. Great as a house-warming gift as well!

Comes in a packaging you wouldn’t want to throw away! Store it in our stridy minimalist box while not in use.

Service available only in Jaipur.Please connect with us through Instagram DM or whatsapp,and we’ll help you further!